The Experience

Bill excites the crowd with the roar of the radial engine; the flash of the sun off the polished aluminum surface, and; the volumes of smoke coming off the engine as he does precision aerobatics, staying show center all the time.

Like no other WarBird act, Bill keeps it close in and non-stop. It all starts with the roar of the Pratt and Whitney engine as Bill lifts off the runway and does a roll on take-off. Thirteen minutes of low-level aerobatics follow including barrel rolls, inverted flight, loops, four point rolls, and Cuban 8s. Bill explores the airspeed envelope of the T-6 from over 200 MPH to as slow as 60 MPH. . . thrilling both the novice and enthusiast alike.

Over 32 years of performing air shows has allowed Bill to develop an “Energy Management” routine leaving your crowd wondering how he does this show with a stock T-6. This T-6 has been restored in authentic Korean Conflict markings. This authentic Warbird allows your show to salute all those who served in our armed forces. Bill dedicates his show to these Veterans from the Army, Navy, Air Force, Marines, Coast Guard, National Guard and Reserves.

Bill Leff Airshows

Since 1989, the Starfire Night Skyshow has been the The Gold Standard of Night Shows bringing crowds to their feet, as the graceful silver bird dances on streams of sparkling light in sync with rousing and patriotic music.

The Starfire Night Skyshow is 15 minutes of spectacular night aerobatics with special computer-controlled lighting and firework effects on the plane. Like no other, the Starfire Night Skyshow can stand on its own or be a great addition to any night show.

All of this is choreographed to popular music, including, for example, selections from the movie TOP GUN ®. The audio and music for each show is custom produced by Emmy Award winning entertainer, musician, and air show announcer, Rob Reider. Rob will prerecord the introductory message acknowledging your show, your very important sponsors, and your VIPs. You can select the music that fits your audience from several different packages that include popular, big band, rock and roll, and country western mixes.

Bill’s 30+ years of air show flying and his experience working with the press as well as major corporation VIPs assures you that the press and important sponsors will get the VIP treatment.

Bill’s T-6 is not an experimental aircraft so there is no restriction on VIP or press rides. The thrill of aerobatics in this vintage warbird will bring a smile to your most important supporters.